20 June 2011

Doll Quilt..

So I haven't been sewing for a while now - motivation was at an all time low - but I was sent this link to a brilliant Scrap Quilt here and I thought "I can do that!"

So here is my version of the scrap quilt :
My "random" was a lot more structured, but I managed to put patterns with patterns, and they even kinda go together! I am so proud of myself!!

My quilt is just whatever size was at hand. It's about 25cm x 40cm, with a little pillow which is 15cm x 10cm. Just because.....

I am usually a "stay between the lines" kinda girl, but this one is designed to fray and change textures with washing. Quilted as you go, very fast, very easy. Thank you Crazy Mom Quilts!