31 August 2013

A change of clothes...

I was not loving the dress for puppy... I mean, it was OK, but not blowing my mind...

So, a rethink was in order! The design was fine - was it the colour? Tried again in a black floral, and with a few tweaks to the length an the collar, I think we have a winner!

I also removed the whiskers, since a comment made to me that it made her look more like a cat. I was unsure, but I do like it better. 

She also needed some shoes, so rather than make some, I painted them on. Easy peasy!!

Her pants have a hole for the tail to fit, and was made using my new favourite method - a rectangle! Super easy!!

Now, she needs a collar, but I think the mini buckle and ribbon will do for now, and I can now move on to another idea - this one could be a bit slippery.....

24 August 2013

Puppy's new duds...

Although I'm not sure I like the dress, at least she has something to wear! 

This is actually version 2.0. Not that the first dress failed, the collar just didn't sit right. It still doesn't, but it's better! Her pants have a slot in the back for the tail. I want to add some shoes and a bow, but that can happen later...

18 August 2013

Here Kitty, Kitty?!

What's better than one kitty?? Two kitties!!

Since I didn't pay that much attention when I made the first one, making another was always going to be a challenge! Goodness knows how many layers of paint I put on there....

So, it's same same, but different?? 

I think I've made the arms too fat and long, but they were already made, so they got used up!

I don't think Kylie will be too concerned, it is one-of-kind after all!!

10 August 2013

Woohoo!! I am DONE!!

Finished the final bits on the bride bear, so I am calling her DONE!!

No idea what the veil is supposed to look like, so I had to "wing it", but I think it's cute. I added some beading to tie in with the bodice, even though it will probably never be seen. And the garter is just some lace... Simples!!

Box it, deliver it, DONE!!

Back to my own stuff. Now, what to do first??

A quick distraction...

The Boy's sister and BIL just moved into a brand new house (lucky them!!) and so I was requested for curtain duty. And the distraction was refreshing, since the bears have been weighing me down a bit lately...

So, measurements taken, curtains hemmed. Done, right?? Well, as far as they are concerned, yes. But there was now a nice, straight strip if curtain fabric begging to be used, so I made these quick cushion covers from the remnants.

They are quite big, considering the scrap was only 20cm or so wide, but the stripe meant I could make an interesting design on the front - the back is plain cotton with a zip closure. Finished size is 50cm x 50cm. I already had the cushion inserts (got from freecycle a couple of years ago!), and only had to buy 2x zips and some brown fabric which I can use or other projects, so total cost = around $5 for both? Gotta love that!!

I'm going to give them as a housewarming gift. They don't match my blue couches at all well, but they will be perfect for their bedroom!

Now, back to the veil! Deadline is next week. Aaargghh!!

03 August 2013

I'm over it!!

I am sick of looking at these darn bears!! But at least they are 99% done....

Everything is permanently attached to the bear so it won't fall off, beading is done, shoes done, underthings done - as far as I am concerned, the groom is DONE, just some tiny bits to be finished on the bride, including the veil....

The actual bride requested that the bride bear have hair. I am really not sure about this, but I found a hairpiece at the market cheap so tomorrow I will buy it and see how it looks. Even if it looks awful, I can reuse it on one of my other dolls!

Pics are pretty ordinary, better ones to come...