27 October 2015

Yellow nutcracker...

I had been looking at the yellow bottle for ages, but was not happy with it still being sticky. The decoupage sealer did not dry properly, so I stripped off the paint and started again. I am definitely using Mod Podge from now on!! 

Nothing more to say, other than here he is! Same techniques, different layout.... :) Again, forgot his little beard, which I have now added, but not before I took all the photos! 

I have the others going into the Canning Show next week, so cross fingers I get a couple of prizes. But there wasn't really a category to put them into, so I went with "Christmas" for the green and red ones and "any other article" for the rest. One specifies "junk art", so I think this fits?? We will see... I didn't get anything else that is show worthy, except Dotty and her rabbit. Not expecting any major prizes, but at least I participated, right?? ;)

14 October 2015

Nutcracker Suite - a copy, of sorts...

So far I haven't copied any examples exactly from a picture, but this one inspired me ;)

I started with a square juice bottle, and it kind of evolved from there! I just used what I had on hand, although I did have to buy some dowel, as I ran out, and the gold ribbon, as I didn't have one wide enough.

This was quite challenging, as the base of the bottle was not flat, so I used part of the coffee pod to flatten it out. Plus, I cut the neck of the bottle off. It just so happened that the other part of the coffee pod fitted exactly into the bottle neck, so I was able to use this as a base to attach the head. 

The cup I was going to use as his head is now his hat. Turned over, it worked great, but it needed to be capped somehow, so a bottle cap did the trick. Oh, and his shoes are biscuit joiners :)

He's maybe a little pink, but I didn't have a beige paint, so it will have to do. And his legs are a little skinny, but it's what I had on hand......

Overall, I think he turned out great. He is slimmer than the other ones I have done so far, but I am pleased with him. ;)

13 October 2015

Purple elf...

So, I have tried a slightly different shaped bottle, just to see what would happen. It started its life dispensing mayonnaise, but turned it over. It'sw much smaller than the coffee containers, and due to the shape, caused a few issues.

Since it was narrower at the top, I had use spacers for the arms. I used a flat clear bead to use as a spacer, but then it looked strange putting the arm straight on it, so I used some eyelet screws. A couple of extra beads made elbows and knees, so he is fully articulated. Its all tied together with beading wire, and some knots and glue.

He started very differently, and kind of evolved into his final state. 

Lots of materials used to make him - plastic container, sample cup, beads, wood and wire. His hat is the top of a sauce bottle and his feet are biscuits used for joinery. His nose is a wood plug. ;)

I put a bag of beans inside him, also, to stop him from potentially toppling over. He is pretty stable already, but if he's hanging over a ledge, he could easily be knocked off. 

Anyway, he is a different style, that I may try again. He was challenging, but successful, I think? :)