29 July 2012


After re-doing the apples twice, I'm still not happy with them. Even though they all started the same size, they appear to be so different! I think the difference in fabric is to blame, but I already had them on hand so I can live with it!

So far I've followed the instructions pretty closely, which means its turning out pretty well. Not sure about binding yet.... Striped, checked, patterned?? My colours are all darker than the original, so maybe even a plain will work best? Like a window frame, perhaps??

21 July 2012

Family Tree...

Got Bernie back from the service centre and she's running like a dream, so got back to the appliqué tree.

Found some sky fabric and a brushed cotton for the grass. Cheap, too! Fat quarters were only $2, and the sky fabric was on the cheaper end of the scale, so very little spent on this so far.

The original design had the tree hand blanket stitched in all the same green, but since I used a couple of autumn greens, I decided to use matching thread. And I don't hand stitch!! Bernie has a really nice "fake" blanket stitch which will do just fine!! Couldn't find a matching thread for the spot, though, so looks like a trip to the markets tomorrow to see what they've got.

Happy with it do far. If it turns out ok, I may do a Family Tree style quilt for my grandmother for Christmas and get all the family to sign one branch each. Still in the thinking stages so far - maybe I could photo print them??? That could work.... Hmmmmm......

15 July 2012

Something a little different...

Although my machine is in for service, my new iron was working fine! Decided to do some appliqué prep instead.

I found this tree in a magazine (the same one as the sunbathers and snorkeller) and I knew I had a couple of fat quarters in green. The hardest part was the trunk!! But now I've got 19 yoyos to make. Good thing the heating is working!

The final background won't be white, not sure exactly what it will be instead!! Or whether to make a hanging, or a bag, or something else?? Definitely going to be machine quilted, whichever option I choose...

08 July 2012

Christmas in July table topper finished... Sort of....

And by sort of, I mean unpicking is required.... :(

Half way through the stipple quilting and my machine started skipping stitches. GRRRRR!!

So, finished up the binding and I thought it was sweet since it was straight lines, not freehand, however I was WRONG! My trusty Bernina got really fussy about the changes of thickness and skipped even WORSE, but I had to finish it!

So.... tomorrow means a trip to the service centre with Bernie, and no sewing for another week. Oh well..

03 July 2012

Borders on...

After deliberation, decided on a white border with a hint of a scrappy border inserted. Works for me!!