31 December 2014

Minions DONE!!!

What a cute group. Looks like they are having a good ol' chin wag, don't they?? Banana!! ;)

What more can I say, but the middle one is my fave.......

I have a new nutcracker on the go, too - with a twist. I am trying to use the proportions to make something specially for Australia Day. If it doesn't work, he will become a nutcracker. No point wasting it :)

Planned this one out in the middle of the night, as you do. He will have bent arms, and possibly holding something - not sure yet what that will be. Maybe a flag?

And he will wear some thongs...... 

This is going to be challenging, but a load of fun!!

30 December 2014

Minions - so close to completion!!

Soooo close!! Just need mouths, and we are DONE!

Added some eyelids, too. A pair straight, a pair curved, just to see what they looked like. ;)

Check the hair on this dude!

And some more spikey-ness on this one....

And from above -

Hopefully I can get the mouths done tomorrow - New Years Eve! Don't have any party plans, so I can stay at home and play....

28 December 2014

Final stages! Yay!!

So, just waiting for the glue to dry, and I can put all the bits together! YAY!!

Learned a lot along the way. Firstly, spray paint goes bad. The red paint I used had been in the shed for quite some time, and had heaps of trouble getting an even coverage. The other colours were bought new and worked perfectly. I will try using coloured paper next time....

Secondly, do the face first. Since I started with the hat, and attached it, then had an issue with damage and had to redo it, I would definitely leave it till last. Trying to patch it up was not 100% successful. Also, trying to put the face on would be easier without the obstructions ;)

And here he is!! 

Close up of his torso and sleeves...

View from above...

From below... 

27 December 2014

Disaster strikes!!

I had a fail... :(  A BIG one....

His head fell over (since I haven't attached it to the body yet) and the bead on his hat came off with a bunch if paint. DISASTER!! Especially since everything else has been attached. I tried to just tape off the top and re spray, but the tape I used took off MORE PAINT!! O.M.G!! You can't be serious??

I had to scrape all the paint off and start again. More taping off, more primer, more paint, and I think I have succeeded...to a point. This will definitely be a keeper.

Anyway, I went back to Bunnings and got some rectangle pine to use for his boot. They may be a little long, but, as already mentioned, it's a keeper :)

He is not yet glued together, but I think he is progressing nicely...in spite of everything that has happened today.

I also redid a nose, so his face will be on tomorrow - once all the paint is fully dry. So, basically all the components are now done, and just need to be put together permanently. 

While researching the nutcracker, I came across this webpage of unusual versions, that is worth a look. 

26 December 2014

Nutcracker progress...

Having a bit of trouble with my spray painting. Not sure if it's technique or if the paint is bad, but I can't seem to stop the runs! 

I think I'm gonna cover the arms with felt to match his coat, but the legs will have to be painted. I have also bought a spray primer to try and stop the streaks from the brush. Not too sure it is any better, but I will give it another shot tomorrow. I haven't decided how long to make his legs yet, although I have bought a plain coaster as the base to screw it to ;) Loving the gold fringing, too. The girl at Spotlight laughed when I said I only needed 10cm. Why buy more than I need, right?? LOL!!

Having a dilemma over his nose, though. The foam piece I tried was not compressed enough to hold its shape (see below pic), so I need to rethink what I'm going to use instead. I have, however, got the rest of the face sorted. 

And, his hair is on and his hands are painted, so he is progressing pretty well, I think. Just more painting a glueing tomorrow, and we should be done! Then I can get back to my minions.... :)

24 December 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Ho ho ho!! Tis that time of year again. Feels like just another stinkin' hot Summer day here in Oz....

I have 4 minions half done, waiting on clothes and hair, but legs and eyes are done ;) Unfortunately,  I have been a little distracted....

... with this guy. He is half done, but you get the idea.....

I thought about how to do a nutcracker for a while now, and the minion shape was not going work with the curved top. How could I change up the shape, and not have to spend any money? A plastic cup, of course! And, as luck would have it, it fits perfectly at the ridge! OMG! How lucky is that??? And a plastic bottle lid made into a hat. Perfect!!

Once again, I have turned my tin upside down, to assist with the flat base for the top, and easy access for the legs through the lid. I plan on using the same technique as the minion legs for this, screwed in from the top, but also attached to a base for stability.

I need to buy some heavier dowell to use for arms and legs, but so far, not a cent spent! Love that, and it's almost all recycled... To be continued....

07 December 2014

It's a bird, it's a plane....

No, it SUPERMAN!! Well, mini Superman, anyway.....

These dress ups were already cut out by mum, but needed to be sewn together. The first one was a bit of a failure, but still useable. After much thought I worked out a better way, especially since no instructions were included. :(

The logo was traced on visoflix, then onto a base fabric with a vilene backing. It makes it stiff, but stable. Also, there was no rib trim included, but thanks to my stash of random colour knit, I found a pretty good match.

4x down, 3x to go, but with all the extra fabric I'm giving back to mum, there could be more on the horizon!