31 March 2013

My favourite so far!

Even though I've been told by the Boy for the last week he looks like an alien, now that he's done, I think he's my favourite!! Now, that's a big call, because I've made a lot of "things" over the years! Everything from his face to his shoes is my own take on an existing design. I'm very proud of him indeed....

To recap, he is based on the original sailor girl design from an old Better Homes and Gardens compilation magazine. She was made totally original, as per the pattern (well, apart from her hands!).

Version 2 (Goth / burlesque girl) had a new face, built in underwear and shoes, slight mod to the arms, but essentially the same pattern. Not quite as I anticipated, but still a decent result.

Version 3 (this dude) had a new head with ears, new face, new boys body, built in underwear and shoes. All freshly designed clothes - only had to remake the trousers once!

A great result, even if this is just my own opinion.......

Oh, and the bag is made by me, also....

30 March 2013


Using the same pattern as before (mods made, of course!!) this dude was born! Still undressed, but will soon be ready to catch some waves.....

So... mods include body shape changed to a more masculine "V" shape, increased the size of the face (plus ears!!) and minor change to the neck. I made the back if the head the colour if the hair, as last time the gaps between the strips showed through, so a darker base showed through a lot less. Built in the shoes (very proud of the way they turned out!) and his boxers are permanent, like the last one.

No changes made to the arms or legs, but I think I still need to make the hands a bit smaller and the arms a bit slimmer. Maybe some joints would be an advantage, too?? Next time.....

Anyway, here he is so far!!

22 March 2013

Burlesque performer / Goth-ish doll

I liked the sailor girl pattern so much, I thought I would make another, with a few tweaks, of course!! They look absolutely NOTHING alike, and I bet if I hadn't mentioned it you would never have known...

So..... here she is!!

Full Length

Top view
Back view

Before I added the arms, showing the underwear

My original intention was to go a bit Goth - a bit sullen in the face, black hair and clothes, tattoos and piercings - but as I progressed with her, she turned into more of a burlesque performer. I designed her face from scratch which didn't turn out quite how I wanted, but she looks OK. Need a few more colours at my disposal, methinks. 

I changed those big man hands to a more streamline shape, which I am much happier with. I slimmed down the body a little and gave her a more defined waistline, changed her face completely, added her underwear so it is a permanent part of her body, built in shoes...... I think thats it.....??

Her bustier has been stiffened with iron on interfacing, and is red satin with black lace overlay, lined in red and laced up at the back. She has a pleated skirt with button and chain detail. I think she needs a little bit of bling in the form of a bracelet or bangle or something, but that can come later. The hat is a purchased one from the Markets. Not sure how I am going to attach it, yet.

Her hair is Merino wool, and I added a few strands of red at the top to break the colour a little bit, plus some fake fur to the top of her boots. I thought about adding some buckles or something to the shoes, but it was a bit too much so they are staying as they are.

I will definitely making this doll again! Such an easy pattern, and great results every time.

Valentines challenge... Organza overload!!

My Baby Face forum had a Valentine theme challenge to win a custom Boy. It was basically a photo challenge, but I found this heart patterned organza ribbon for 50c/m at the market, so 3metres later, here is my finished product.....

I used my basic a-line dress and gathered that ribbon. Perhaps I should have gathered it more, but it looked fine when it was flat! Live and learn....

I put leftovers around the legs of the pantaloons and the edge of the hat.

Organza overload or what??!!