02 January 2017

More bags!!

Another couple of bags from preprinted designs. I wonder why people buy these thinking they are easier to use - none of them were square or on grain! What a PAIN!!

Anyway, these are now done.... ;)

This one has denim as the back, handles and facing. 

Th other one one was such an odd colour, I couldn't find anything in my stash to match.... I did, however, find some gold upholstery fabric (that frays like crazy!), but gives a bit if shine to an otherwise very flat print. 

You can see how shiny it is below -

I had to stitch it down to prevent it from bagging out.... It is nice and sturdy, since it is lined with curtain lining ;) There was a bit of extra on the side of this one. It looked like it was more of a wholecloth, rather than a single panel. I used the extra for some matching handles.

Not a bad start to 2017!! 

Now, what to do with these?? I have used the geese one before, but with the rounded corners, I'm stumped. The green one, I could put in some corner pieces, but in what colour? Thinking cap on.....