08 October 2017

More flag bags!

Gosh, am I glad I wrote a tutorial last time! I had another 2x flags given to me, and it was great to be able to refer back to my own pictures 😊


This time they were sponsorship flags, hence they are orange, rather than the blue/yellow  combo of the other ones. These were also a different quality of fabric, and had a liner inside to stop the transparency.

The first one I trimmed off the edges, as I did for the first one, but didn't realise that it was actually printed in one piece and folded over, so the second one I unpicked. This made for a bigger bag, since there was much less waste.

I also took some extra pics for the original tutorial, since there seemed to be a chunk that was a bit vague, even for me, and I created it!! 😳

Anyway, they both turned out great! One has been claimed by the Boy, so thereis no chance getting this one back, but it still leaves a second one that I can try and get rid of...

I think I made the straps too short on the smaller one, but it would be large enough to carry some water and a jumper, in case of a change in the weather....

15 April 2017

More Supers

Gosh, its been a while! I've still been making stuff, just not recording as much of it....

Upgraded to a new iPad, and discovered that the Blogger app is no longer compatible so I have to use the web version 🙁 It's not as user friendly, but hopefully it will get the job done.....

So, I think I've mentioned previously about some fabric that was given to me by my aunt when she moved house that was perfect Super colours! Only downside was that it was polyester, so it is very high in static electricity. But, I did it anyway!

Overall, they turned out ok. It's not stretch fabric, so I increased the neckline at the front to make the neck larger, and used bias binding as the front facing. The fabric is quite heavy, so I wonder how well it will flow while wearing it....

No matter, they are done!! NEXT!!

02 January 2017

More bags!!

Another couple of bags from preprinted designs. I wonder why people buy these thinking they are easier to use - none of them were square or on grain! What a PAIN!!

Anyway, these are now done.... ;)

This one has denim as the back, handles and facing. 

Th other one one was such an odd colour, I couldn't find anything in my stash to match.... I did, however, find some gold upholstery fabric (that frays like crazy!), but gives a bit if shine to an otherwise very flat print. 

You can see how shiny it is below -

I had to stitch it down to prevent it from bagging out.... It is nice and sturdy, since it is lined with curtain lining ;) There was a bit of extra on the side of this one. It looked like it was more of a wholecloth, rather than a single panel. I used the extra for some matching handles.

Not a bad start to 2017!! 

Now, what to do with these?? I have used the geese one before, but with the rounded corners, I'm stumped. The green one, I could put in some corner pieces, but in what colour? Thinking cap on.....