24 July 2016

Coffee pods - an experiment in jewellery

Since seeing the Beads n Pods at the craft market, I have been keen to give the upcycled pod jewellery a go.

There is a wonderful YouTube channel that has step-by-step tutorials, so it was time to play! If the link doesn't work, just search for Isobel Naomi (English)

I tried a couple of types - the whirlwind and the whirlwind edelweiss. They are quite simple, but require accurate cutting, so sharp scissors are essential ;)

I added more beads than in the tutorial, to add some extra weight. I also added a button and sequins to one of them that needed a bit of oomph.... And they are all from stuff I already had in my stash! 

I think they are a success ;)

08 July 2016

Quilt finished!!

Many moons ago, I was given two quilt tops - one I completed a couple of years ago, and this one. As it was hand pieced, I had intended to hand quilt it. I got frustrated with the results I was getting, so I pulled it all out and took it to the machine instead....


It was quilted with simple lines intersecting through the four squares. The border quilting is a continuation of the lines through to the edges, and bound in a green check. I also cheated in the binding, stitching it by machine. It is definitely not a heirloom! (I haven't yet washed out the chalk lines...)

It has a flannelette sheet as batting, and a flat sheet as the backing, so it's definitely more for the cooler time of year ;) Finished size 170cm x 200cm.

UPDATE : This quilt has been sold....