08 October 2016

Kate Finn

Many moons ago, I bought a Kate Finn rag doll. She was naked, but still had her original hair style and ties. These were a dark navy stripe, but I was unable to find a match,

I did, however, have a check, so I used that instead. ;)

A little research on the Kate Finn website showed that the rag dolls generally have a shirt and pinafore, with bloomers - really simple and pretty.

So I cut a basic pattern for a shirt, and just some strips for the dress. Once the waist was determined, I  cut the skirt double the width and to the length required plus seam allowances. Hem it up, gather to fit the band and stitch on. Velcro added for closure, and these are done. Plus the bloomers ;)

Buttons added to finish, and we are DONE!!