27 May 2014

The faces of Oz

So, I have been deliberating on how to do the faces on Dorothy and her friends, and discovered something that might work! I was reluctant to paint straight on, in case I made a mistake, so glueing on the features would be the easiest way to go. But how???

I found a pic on Google where the eyes were painted on a linen or tight woven fabric, then cut out and attached to the face. I didn't want them to fray, so I tried painting on some heavily pressed vilene, and it worked great!! I drew the design on paper, then copied it onto some vilene, painted it, waited for it to dry, then simply cut it out!! 

The hole on the lip is where I put a pin while testing - probably should have put it closer to the line, but it worked really well, so I will just have to live with it ;)

Tin man also got a heart and an axe....

Scarecrow got a diploma (braaaiiiins... LOL!)

And Cowardly Lion got a bravery medal (that will most likely be replaced, but it's what I had)

I think they turned out pretty good? I will definitely be trying this technique again... In fact, Toto is waiting for his face to be done. I'm not totally happy with it, so will live with it for a while and see how I feel before it's attached permanently....

17 May 2014

Mini machines...

Another minor collection that I have is miniature sewing machines. I started with tiny ornaments, but gradually got bigger! Price is a major factor in any that I buy - many came to me free if charge, although I have no idea if they actually work or not! But that doesn't make any difference to me ;)

My most recent purchase - a Sanrose Toy Company machine. It is solid, heavy, green and GORGEOUS!! Google can't shed any light on it, but hopefully I can find out something about it. All I know is they also came in black. (Pics found, but no info online) It's missing the thread holder and the cover on the side compartment, but that is going to be replaced by a carpenter friend. The base is a little warped so the lid doesn't fit too well, but who cares?? Not me!!

I have some Singers, too. This one is model 67B, made in France.

And this one is a Golden Panoramic Model 67813, also made in France.

Another Singer.... This time, made in Yugoslavia!

This unusual one has no dates or markings, but is Made in China. The cover folds down into a cute container at the back with the foot held in place in a special section, very clever design!

Plus a couple of cheapies, one stickered Holly Hobbie, the other appears to be a copy. No dates found on either one....

I need to document all the tiny ones, too! There are some cuties in there - and take up much less space!! ;)

Another finish!

Quilting... Check!

Just a basic straight stitch in a light green. With all the different colours in this, no single colour was going to be perfect for them all, but I think it's ok. The backing is a leopard print. 

Trimmed... Check!

Bound.... CHECK!! 

Finished size is about 75cm square. 

It's a lot softer than some recent quilts/runners I have finished. I used a Pellon lightweight batting that's pretty cheap - probably not the best for heirloom quilts, but for doll quilts and table runners, it works just fine. :)

Given the Aboriginal print I used for the binding, I thought I would photograph it with my Metti dolls. I got the girl first, but she doesn't wear her original outfit. He wears his original loin cloth. The vinyl on her is so much more sturdy than him. They made these for years, so they could simply be a different batch. Another version of this doll has them painted up in traditional body paint, but they are on my wish list. Metti is an Australian manufacturer that are no longer exists... Such a shame... :(

Penny wanted her photo taken, too! She wears a gorgeous dress made by Georgia that I received in a swap ages ago. 

(You can see the backing fabric in this one...... Grrrrowl!!)

16 May 2014

Bow ties nearly done...

So, I have put together the blocks, and even though they are all completely different, I think they work quite well now I have the border attached. I used a redish/brown fabric that seemed to bring them all together. The binding will be different with a combination of all the colours in a dot style print. Now, to quilt, trim and bind!! 

11 May 2014

Bow ties!!

I've wanted to make a bow tie quilt for ages! The one with the puffy centre, not just a flat one... ;)

There are many tutorials online, but here is my version. It's so EASY!! It takes longer to cut the squares than sew them up!

Firstly, decide on background and bow colours. Cut 3x squares for the bow and 2x for the background, all the same size. Depending upon the final block size you want, this will work for any size! I used 11cm squares so that my final block size would be 20cm with a 5mm seam allowance.

In my pic, I have folded out my centre to get an idea of the final look, but trust me, it's the same size as the others ;)

Fold the centre square in half wrong sides together, and run across bottom of background square. Place a bow square on top, sandwiching the folded piece at the bottom with the pieces right sides facing, stitch down the side.

Once that is done, open it out and do the same again, using the other two pieces. Make sure the pieces are opposite to the first set.

Here's where it gets a little tricky.....

Finger press the seams in your preferred direction - I went towards the darker fabric - and open out the "centre", matching up the seams in the middle. They should fit pretty well with the seams in opposite directions. Put in a pin to hold in place.

Flatten out the centre and stitch from the top and stop at the pin. You will then need to manipulate the remaining side so that it is flat, and then continue to the end of the side.

Now, for the magic!! Just open it out... Ta daa!! 

Now, just press and that's it!

Now, to decide on a layout. I chose scrappy colours (what's new there??) so making a cohesive will be a challenge, but I am leaning towards them all facing the same way. I think it would look amazing with random colours and just the centres one colour, don't you think?? Black and whites with red centres, maybe?? 

10 May 2014

Completed, but not as I had hoped...

I need to think of a better way to do the corners, but overall it's not too bad...

Finished size approximately 75cm x 45cm

Could be a table runner or doll quilt??

06 May 2014

Almost finished...

12 months ago I started playing with triangles, using repeated designs to make hexagons (inspired by the quilts made by Linda Rotz Miller Quilts & Quilt Tops) plus I added Y seam spacers - was I CRAZY?? Short answer - yes... Yes, I was!! ;)

Some worked perfectly first time, others not so much. Plus, the fabric I used looked like a perfect repeat pattern, but clearly had some differences across the fabric, but it was close enough for a first try. Also making it difficult was not having the proper rulers. I was using a cardboard triangle template to try and make accurate cuts...

Anyhoo, I added some missing pieces from some plain white, squared it off and added some framing. Thinking about it now, I should have used a contrast - that would have given me an interesting frame, but hey.... hindsight is 20/20, right??

It now quilted in the ditc, through the centres of the Y and back through the centres of the hexies. I found that these were quite bulky, but not unmanageable. I am doing a self binding in red, only because this is what I had on hand....

And the back....

Maybe I'll finish it this weekend? If the weather stays as miserable as it is now it's a pretty good chance.... ;)