28 September 2014


I like bugs! Well, the design and beauty of bugs, not ACTUAL bugs.... 😊

While looking for silhouettes for my bag, I found some really nice bug designs. I decided to try reverse appliqué on these, as they have quite a few intricate elements and pointy bits. 

I think a cushion will be the final result on this one. I found some black for the body and used a gold satin for the bug, all with raw edge appliqué.

So far, so good!😉

This grasshopper is teal lining fabric....

And lastly a spider from velvet with red sequins. I really like this, as it gives it some texture. 

After trimming up the fronts, I decided to add a web to Mr Spider. I had some silver thread, and after a couple of guidelines, off I went! Turned out quite well, I think!

Once they have a cushion inside, they really pop!

Must decide which items I'm putting in the show. I'm fast running out of time, so time to stop playing and get to it!! 

21 September 2014

Dutch wall quilt done!!

I finally finished the binding on the Dutch themed wall hanging.... Yay!!

This will be going into the Canning Show with last years quilt, in the same category! Oh well, I suppose it doubles my chances... 😉

20 September 2014

Callista, a free pattern...

This is a free pattern I printed years ago. I had already made the body and started the clothes, but didn't like the way it looked, so it got shelved. I found her again, and decided to finish her up. She can still be found here - dollmakersjourney.com/callista/  This is how she is supposed to look....

And this is my version:

Firstly, I took off the skirt I had made and removed her legs. While they were off, I added the shoes and ribbon laces. These were glued on, since this is not a play doll I didn't see the need to stitch it. :)

Then I painted eyes and mouth, and while I had the paint out, I also added some panties (since you can see right up her skirt). I found the funky yarn I had planned to use for her hair, changed the fabric and the design of the clothes and continued on. Finally, she gets some wings and a hanging loop, and she is done! I did change the design of the wings, using a commercial one rather than make it from the pattern. I just thought it was too big and stiff, and the others were smaller - plus I already had them on hand!

Another finish, and I'm feeling good!! ;)

19 September 2014

Oh deer, another bag... or two?

Deer silhouettes seem to be everywhere at the moment, on cushions mostly, but I had a bag in mind. 

I searched google for some free clip art, found some variations of a deer heads that I liked, blew it up to A4 size. I used this as a template on some visoflix, ironed it onto some fabric, cut it out, ironed in place, ran some stitching around it and finished the bag. Job done ;)

Trying the same idea with another silhouette that I saved. There are numerous designs that could be used - keys, other animals, shoes, etc - but I chose a pair of scissors....

Same fabric, different dimensions. Thus one is much larger, with two pockets, one with the scissor motif, the other just plain.

More fabric used up! Yay for me!! :)

13 September 2014

A new man in my life...

Well, that's not entirely true... It's actually 2 ;)

Let me introduce them to you - meet Hugo... and Hugo!

On the left is Hugo, Man of a Thousand Faces, made by Kenner in 1975. He originally came with a bunch of accessories to stick on him - hair, eyes, glasses, scars, etc - hence the bald head. He has fabric arms, attached to a half body, which is essentially just a hollow tube. He is wearing his original shirt....

On the right, is Hugo, Man of a Thousand Faces, international version. He is different in many ways - his head is bigger, his neck is longer and his arms are all vinyl joined into the side of his body "tube". A minor difference is that on Kenner Hugo, the edge of his body has a kind of rolled edge, making it look finished. On the other Hugo, it is blunt, and looks like it has simply been cut off? The eyes are also painted differently, and he doesn't have the same bags under his eyes. ;) His arms are slightly shorter, too, with Kenner Hugo's arms dragging on the table, while the other's look too short for the size of his head...

Unfortunately, I have none of the accessories, but they are a couple of cuties. I hope they don't cause too much trouble!! You know how naughty boys can be.....

You can see more info here:

05 September 2014

Progress on Dutch block banner...

It's had its binding half attached, but my Bernina decided to start slipping stitches, so it's in for a service :( This means no sewing for a week or so. No matter! Plenty of other things to keep me busy.

I always planned to put on a looped hanging pocket type arrangement, so to give me an idea on how it looks, here is my test. The binding is also pinned in place, waiting to go..

I have put 3x weights at the bottom to help it sit straight when it's hanging up. I just made a couple of pockets and popped a 20c piece inside. Will need to stitch those down after I have finished the binding, in a week or so.

Also, the Canning Show schedule is in and I have already circled a few relevant sections that are ready to go, but some others that need to be started. Better get my skates on! ;)