10 March 2012

Its finished!!

Planned for completion before February, but better eventually than never, hey? It's been soooo hot, the thought of ironing a quilt top was just horrifying. Still stinking hot, but it's cooled down enough that the resident "power nazi" isn't going to tell me off for using too much electricity..... Iron or aircon.... Hmmm.... Aircon wins EVERY TIME!!

Anyway, decided on a self backing/binding combination, however I forgot how tricky it is making nice pointy corners.

I started with a straight quilting stitch, but didn't like it so, after a marathon unpicking session, decided to try some fancy stitching. I like this much better!!

Also decided not to quilt too much. Apart from the fact that I couldn't decide which colour to use, I thought it was busy enough!! The eyes needed a little time to rest....

In the end it wasn't too hard, except for the decision making part!! I find it harder to finish than to start because what if I make the wrong choice with the binding?? or the quilting?? all that hard work down the drain!! I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way....