09 February 2013

Good Golly, Miss Molly!!

It's done!! Phew......

It's about 50cm deep and 40 cm wide, cornered base, fully lined in self fabric and quilted. Each unique golly has button details and googly eyes.


Quilting done...

I did more than I planned to, but now it's ready for handles and lining!

I will quilt the handle also, just to keep the consistency between all the elements - just straight lines, nothing fancy!

Oh, and I also added the buttons and stitched down the mouths. Not convinced the glue was going to be enough! I will use the strongest glue I can find for the googly eyes!

Progress pics so far....... The last one is how the boys will look once their eyes are attached....

08 February 2013

Oh, it's bright!!


I knew it was going to be bright, but WOW!! You can't miss it!! The photos certainly not do it justice.......

So, all the panels are sewn, appliqué is done..... quilting still to do, plus assembly, but overall, the hardest part is over.

I think the design would work better larger, as all the twists and turns are tricky using the blanket stitch, although raw edge would work, too.

So here it is, so far. Get your sunnies out to protect your eyes!!