07 January 2012

My Cabbie has new pants....

I bought this CPK Jesmar many years ago, and regret not buying his sister....

He came with his original yellow jacket and shirt, but has been waiting on some bottoms. I had planned to do some jogging pants to match his jacket, but there is a bit of pilling and fading so the pants would have been soooooo fresh and clean it would have looked a bit odd.

Brainwave!! Jeans!!

I modified a Butterick pattern by adding some pockets (real, by the way..) narrowing the front and reducing the bulk in the back, as well as raising the crotch line. I added some details to the front, included a real jeans button and recycled an old pair of pre-loved jeans for the fabric.

Turned out ok, I think??

The whole ensemble

Original CPK T-Shirt

Front detail
Back view - coulda added pockets, but who was going to see them???