28 January 2013

Extra long weekend!!

Happy Australia Day!!

At the end of a 4 day weekend, what have I achieved?? Very little, to be honest!! Although I have started a new appliqué design from one of the quilting books that have been taunting me for weeks now!

These are called Jolly Golly's. Still need faces, but the basics are ready to build upon. They should be the border on a quilt, but I'm thinking of another bag, with these guys travelling around the sides, maybe some piecing in there for good measure? Playing with some felt mouths, and may use googly eyes, I don't think painting them will be a success. Still some tinkering to do before a final decision gets made.

I did finish all the hand sewing on my doll, made the belt shorter, added the straps to the shoes, hooks and eyes, press studs, etc. More items for the Canning Show - done!! She will get a new hat, if I get around to it before then....