07 March 2014

Slow progress - too many distractions!

I wrote this post AGES ago, but never posted it! I have not been sewing or crafting for quite a few weeks :( It's my own fault, lack of motivation.... But I'm back in the swing, so saddle up!!

I finished up scarecrows limbs, and I'm quite pleased with the result!

I didn't count on, though, how thick it would become with the vinyl, or the fact the vinyl has a white edge! Major oversight, but fixed with a bit of paint... :)

Just his hat to go... And progress for Lion, too! Managed to find some felt to match, but may have to change the fabric for his head....

Scarecrow now has a hat! Really pleased with it. I put a little piece of elastic inside to "crumple" the crown. Oh, and I snipped around his hood so it's not so smooth...

Plus I put all the pieces for the lion onto the felt base. I wasn't happy with the paint colour, so the felt will have to do. He still needs a tail 'cause I ran out of the felt! Maybe next weekend he will be completed...