18 January 2015

Another Nutcracker!

This time in blue. He is more like a soldier than the first, but he wears a crown ;)

This one was done with a lighter "skin", so he doesn't look quite so sunburnt. His nose is half the dowell, glued and painted with the head. 

What a profile, hey?

I like how freeing it is doing the moustache, mouth and eyebrows freehand. No two will ever be the same! BTW, the eyes are made using a standard hole punch...

 I really want to try one of these with a bent elbow. Maybe next time?

I have found a local wood supply shop that sells small balls that will work better for hands, as they don't have the hole on the end like the beads do, plus they are actually round. They are a little more expensive, but I think it will give a better result. I am going to use up the beads I already have first, and move on to the new ones after. Still have 2x pairs to go, I think. I also found a packet of "cover buttons", which are a half ball on a little base. Not sure if I can use these for anything, but you never know ;) (sorry, it's a little out of focus...)

I have been using the Boy's drill to make these, but it is a bit big and clunky, so he bought me my own. And it's a cutie, too! It comes in a box, with a drawer to store all the bits and bobs, and stores away like a makeup case. Who needs flowers, eh? ;) 

I really should get started on my Snow White set, but these Nutcrackers are so much fun! :)