02 September 2016

Upcycled cushion

Mum gave me some preprinted panels and a lovely embroidery of a ship, on linen. I considered a bag, but with the embroidery, it could be damaged very quickly. There was enough to make a decent sized cushion, but it definitely needed a border. My instant reaction was for stripes - probably because of the nautical theme.... ;)

It was washed and pressed, squared up and border put on. I had this particular stripe in my stash, although I didn't think I would have enough. I did assess alternatives, but this was always my fave! I had just enough for the front border, but had to use another fabric for the back. I had some neutral cotton, which did the trick. The main body at the back is made with the leftover fabric.

It does have a couple of age spots and the top right corner was thinning, but it it adds to its charm ;) I put some new threads in the worn spot and used some iron-on interfacing on the inside to support it. Hopefully it holds....

Inserted zip along the flange border, finished size approx 50cm x 50cm, cushion size 30cm square.