08 October 2017

More flag bags!

Gosh, am I glad I wrote a tutorial last time! I had another 2x flags given to me, and it was great to be able to refer back to my own pictures 😊


This time they were sponsorship flags, hence they are orange, rather than the blue/yellow  combo of the other ones. These were also a different quality of fabric, and had a liner inside to stop the transparency.

The first one I trimmed off the edges, as I did for the first one, but didn't realise that it was actually printed in one piece and folded over, so the second one I unpicked. This made for a bigger bag, since there was much less waste.

I also took some extra pics for the original tutorial, since there seemed to be a chunk that was a bit vague, even for me, and I created it!! 😳

Anyway, they both turned out great! One has been claimed by the Boy, so thereis no chance getting this one back, but it still leaves a second one that I can try and get rid of...

I think I made the straps too short on the smaller one, but it would be large enough to carry some water and a jumper, in case of a change in the weather....