22 July 2011

I think I saw a UFO!!

Make that 2 UFO'S!!

And here they are....
Single bed size

Queen bed size

Both of these quilt tops are hand sewn - not by me!! I am strictly a machine kinda girl (with the exception of hexagons). The whole thing is stitched in WHITE, regardless of all the other colours, so in some places the stitching is quite visible. Hopefully it will be better once its quilted.

Mum's in the process of cleaning out the shed, and these tops were acquired somewhere along the line, complete with backing and batting, but never got to be finished.

The plan is to use flanelette as batting, since I don't want to spend ANY money on these, although I may have to buy some quilting thread. Since they are both hand pieced (yes, even the square one!) I think they deserve to be hand quilted. This is a first for me, as usually I prefer the machine-is-faster method, but I think some simple straight lines will work out great.

I have since removed the remaining cardboard from the second quilt and washed all the parts, and am in the process of ironing them flat. From here I will lay out all the parts on the floor and pin together. I can then get my big embroidery hoop and get down to it! Hopefully it won't take too long to quilt (famous last words....LOL!!). Hopefully I will update soon!!