26 July 2011

Single Quilt - progress report...

Ok, so I've calmed down a bit since I wrote my last update....

I have managed to restitch the binding - I included it into the batting, so I don't have to quilt it (cheater!!), but I neglected to continue my stitching all the way to the end, so have had to add a bit of topstitching to make it feel complete from the back.

I have done the easy turned mitred corners, and recycled the striped fabric from the original border, but had to replace the original border. I used the same green fabric I had leftover from the backing (it was a bed valance, so it was already long and straight - brilliant!!).

Machine stitched from the front, hand stictched around from the back. Wrist a bit sore today after a marathon session, but at least I could catch up on some telly while I was busy!!

So this is the top as it stands RIGHT NOW! Sooooo close to being done, its driving me NUTS!! However, my machine started to drop stitches, so its off to get serviced, but then its ALL ON!! shouldn't take too long to finish - its just straight lines... HA HA HA!!!! (Using electrical tape to make sure I'm straight - dodgy, I know, but it seems to be working a treat!! Pics soon..)