06 February 2012

Another square done...

...of my version of the "Mod Mosaic" block. I have done a little photo step-by-step to show my method, if anyone is interested.....

Start with paper squares of the same size, and randomly draw intersecting lines. It may help to also number the reassembly order. I also draw on some lines to assist with getting the seams at different angles.

I cut the block apart along the lines, and then the fun begins!!!

Using the angle lines as a guide, place the first strip. Sometimes I start in the centre with white, or from an edge with colour. As long as the sides are patterned, it makes zero difference what happens between the lines!

Keep laying strips till the paper is covered. Make sure the seam allowance is consistent throughout. I used 5mm, but I also cut my white strips a bit narrow, but whatever works for you is fine!

I then lay the pieces as they would fit back together. But only trim the sides that are to be joined as you go, to prevent confusion back at the machine.

I then joined the white to one side of the join and press.

I snip the white strip where the paper stops and the other paper is to be joined. I turn it right side up and lay the other piece between the snips. Then stitch all the way through all layers. There should be no need to trim, since all sides are already trimmed. Turn right side up and press open.

Repeat the steps with all pieces until you end up with something like this:

Once the block is completed, it can be trimmed. I generally don't take off my papers till they are completely joined together, so they stay stable. But it's up to you when you do...

You can see how some blocks can be quite busy, and others not so much. I think it works quite well.

Each block is taking less than 1 hour, with only 2 more to go! I need to wait till the weather cools off a bit, though, and that isn't looking likely this coming week. The forecast is hot, hot, HOT!!!!

** Update**
I had planned to finish this before February, but the weather has been so hot that the thought of having the iron on with the air conditioning seemed counter-productive. Hopefully we will get a break in the next few weeks, and I can finally put away the Christmas prints!! For now........