07 May 2012

Last few for a while....

Ok, so I think I'm at the end of the mini bag phase! I've created a template for a slightly modified "one-piece" pattern that works great and I think I've perfected the lining technique. So here are my final few experiments in texture and design..... (the houndstooth is my favourite. I'll be keeping this one!)

The new design removed one of the seams, making a more streamlined front and all of it is done flat - buttons, lining, buttonhole - do its easier to get secure and consistent seams. Also, fewer seams mean less that can come apart!

I have also borrowed a stand from my parents to use on Sales Day. Looks pretty cool, I think!

Time for something new.... Now, what shall I choose??? Big bags, baby bags, library bags.. Maybe some more tool belts?? Dolly sleeping bags might be fun.... And use up some stash, too!!

Bags on display stand

No, its not a rocket ship... Its the mini bag pattern!!