13 May 2012

More bags, different style....

So, I thought I was finished with bags, but I found a couple of pieces of scraps that were just begging to be used up!

I had made library bags previously out of the green bug fabric but all that was left was a 50x50cm-ish square. I found a piece of green that went well with it and used the square to make a double sided pocketed new mum baby bag, for Santa's Workshop to fill and give to needy families.

I also used up some of a pre-printed cot bumper print that was too narrow to use on its own. I put a 5cm wide gusset down the sides and bottom, plus a band at the top with matching handles. One with shorter straps had no lining, the other has been lined with some light weight curtain fabric. Should have done this to both, but too late now! Both of these also for Santas.

Also made a couple of mini bags, using the most sparkly fabric I could find! I decided that I can make these out of ANYTHING!! LOL!! All I need is an adhesive liner and stabilizer, no probs. However..... Make sure the adhesive is sewable!! This one was a high level, no-sew, so it was constantly gumming up the needle. Online solutions included sewing machine oil to remove the gum off the needle, but I found that some spray lubricant on a cotton ball worked pretty well. Just run the needle through the ball occasionally and it seemed to prevent the buildup.

Anyway, a productive weekend was had by me. Hope you did too!