10 August 2013

A quick distraction...

The Boy's sister and BIL just moved into a brand new house (lucky them!!) and so I was requested for curtain duty. And the distraction was refreshing, since the bears have been weighing me down a bit lately...

So, measurements taken, curtains hemmed. Done, right?? Well, as far as they are concerned, yes. But there was now a nice, straight strip if curtain fabric begging to be used, so I made these quick cushion covers from the remnants.

They are quite big, considering the scrap was only 20cm or so wide, but the stripe meant I could make an interesting design on the front - the back is plain cotton with a zip closure. Finished size is 50cm x 50cm. I already had the cushion inserts (got from freecycle a couple of years ago!), and only had to buy 2x zips and some brown fabric which I can use or other projects, so total cost = around $5 for both? Gotta love that!!

I'm going to give them as a housewarming gift. They don't match my blue couches at all well, but they will be perfect for their bedroom!

Now, back to the veil! Deadline is next week. Aaargghh!!