29 December 2013

Crochet edges...

I saw on a website recently a felt circle with a crochet edge, reminding me of the boxes that people used to make out of cardboard that were crocheted together.  The just use trebles - like granny squares - and I used this idea to go around the circle.

I had some Christmas paper, cut out a circle, attached it to cardboard, punched out some holes and off I went!

I need to make it smaller, and perhaps add some plastic over the top. I could then use photos or other pictures printed out - anything that I could glue!!

For this size, I used 6x trebles in each hole for the first round, then 5x trebles and 2x doubles to create the "dips". Worked out OK, but curls up a bit. Perhaps some spray starch will fix that? My yarn is quite slippery, so maybe that is a factor?? I'm not that comfortable with crochet, but I can make coat hangers, and that's about it... ;)

I wonder if I could make some Christmas decorations for next year?? Only 360 days to go!!