11 July 2014

A new machine!!

I was given another mini machine - with its box and instructions!! I am stoked!

The box is a bit beat up, but isn't she a beauty? Inside, the machine itself is a variation of the Panoramic shown on the cover. It's a plain white version with the same model number as the Panoramic I already have that looks EXACTLY like the cover! What are the odds??

Also in the box is the instruction book and a fold out brochure. It's AWESOME! So very 50's/60's! Its hard to date these because there is no dates on the book, box or machines. Will need to Google to find some more info....

Inside the instruction book is all the how to's, plus some simple items to make. 

It also includes all the details for loading the bobbin, using the winder and threading the needle. All the info I never knew about! This is quite the important document.

The foldout brochure is in French, but appears to be promoting a doll - or maybe the clothes? I don't speak French... Again Google could be my friend on this one. ;)

The biggest differences I notice between my gold Panoramic and the white one is the presser foot. The gold one is all metal, but the other is plastic. I also compared it to my orange edition, and it, too, has the plastic foot. Interesting, yes?? Apart from that, they are identical. (Gold in the middle, orange to the left and white on the right)

Final point of note, the spool holder on the orange looks like an attachment. It simply has a screw that goes in where the single spool holder sits. 

So, each one is slightly different. The gold one is most complete, since it has it's winding handle, but each has its own personality. I can't part with any of them! :)