17 August 2014

New dolls!!

I went to a doll sale today. Unfortunately, it was one of my Doll Club ladies selling off her collection because she is now in a care home and her family have sold her house. So, so sad. :( 

But, I have helped her out by taking a few girls home with me. They represent a new group for me - my first porcelain and first composition, and both are little Dutch girls!

The first is a porcelain, with her neck reading (c) Pauline 345/950. This is also echoed on the back of the body. She is quite large and stiff, but has gorgeous hair and eyes, and the cutest little clogs!

The second girl is composition, much smaller than the other, and has an imprinted logo that looks like UNIQUE BELGIUM, or similar (info greatly appreciated!) on her neck. Someone has pinned a note to her skirt that says Belgium, Paul Whitiker. More research required on this one.....

The last two are cloth dolls - one little brown cutie and a tall classy lady. Both handmade, they just appealed to me. Nothing more... ;)

Quite a productive day, don't you think??