05 September 2014

Progress on Dutch block banner...

It's had its binding half attached, but my Bernina decided to start slipping stitches, so it's in for a service :( This means no sewing for a week or so. No matter! Plenty of other things to keep me busy.

I always planned to put on a looped hanging pocket type arrangement, so to give me an idea on how it looks, here is my test. The binding is also pinned in place, waiting to go..

I have put 3x weights at the bottom to help it sit straight when it's hanging up. I just made a couple of pockets and popped a 20c piece inside. Will need to stitch those down after I have finished the binding, in a week or so.

Also, the Canning Show schedule is in and I have already circled a few relevant sections that are ready to go, but some others that need to be started. Better get my skates on! ;)