01 June 2015

Kimonos - part 2

So I have been looking at the kimono patterns, since they were already printed - 3 of each style - plus I had all the colours piled up. Since this was a long weekend, I thought I had the perfect opportunity to get them done ;)

After looking at some inspiration pics on Google, I saw many layouts with thin borders and corner stones, so I put a white border on, and added an inner border.... but, I cheated a little ;) I made some strips and put them in as a folded edge. I think this will give it some dimension, plus it's easier to do.

Although many layouts used red and blue, I thought a gold would be better. Searched my stash and found a yellow that worked with all the patterns. I tacked them on by machine to hold them in place. Tested with some navy background to see if it was going to work ok.

So, I have done the horizontal strips, while trying to decide if I want cornerstones or not. I think I can do without, judging by the mockup.

So, I stitched the rows together, but clearly didn't pay enough attention to my original layout, because I put the in the wrong order ;( No matter, though, it still looks ok...

Looking for ideas on quilting, now, so I can get this one finished... It may be a candidate for the Canning Show this year as a wall quilt? I found an ornate stick I can use for the hanger that is the perfect length. 

I'm thinking binding in the yellow also - hopefully I have enough left!