21 June 2015

Bread tag Robots

I was given a bag of multi coloured bread tags - you know, the little plastic clips that hold the end of a loaf of bread closed? What to do with them??

So, after a Google search, up popped a cute little robot http://www.michlinla.com/2011/04/slap-another-post-with-dueling-crafters.html Using him as inspiration, I did some experimenting....

Since my tags are a different shape to the one on the web, I tried a couple of variations. First, I put two tags together with a head pin in the middle (the green one), and tried many different ways for the arms, but I ended up glueing them in place because they kept falling behind the body. I had already saved a bunch of keyboard keys from another project that didn't happen, so had all the ingredients on hand, which is a plus... ;) I used a heart shaped confetti (also on hand) as an accent, like the original inspiration pic.

The second I tried a jump ring at the "waist". Still glued the arms in place and used a laptop key, rather than a keyboard key. It is way more fragile, but makes for a flatter piece. You can see where I put some holes a bit high and had to redo them so the jump rings would fit. She also has a little flower in her hair.

Third try, I turned the top tag around, and I like the results ;) More head pins, though, so I have to master turning the loops.... He looks like the sheriff, with his star badge on his chest :) 

The fourth guy looks a bit naked, but I have been experimenting with painting them... I trimmed the arms slightly differently (more like the original) and it helps with the arms moving around, (not sure I like the pointy shoulders, though...) and used the leftovers for some dangly feet. Gives an interesting effect, don't you think??

I think, out of all of them, the red one is my favourite. Yes, it needs 4x pins, but I think it is more stable and proportioned than the others. I definitely see more of these in my future! ;)