25 November 2015

Back to fabrics....

I bought a large remnant of fabric not so long ago with a big girly print on it. I was planning on just making bags, but one design was so big that I ended up making a pair of jumbo cushions, as well as 4x smaller bags.

Finished cushion size 50cm x 50cm, with a 5cm flanged edge. Since I couldn't find any specific instructions for this type of cushion, I took progress shots, and will write my own tutorial for anyone who is interested... ;)

These are smaller than I would normally make, but was dependant upon the printed design, so work out to be 30cm x 40cm. I boxed out the corners, but only slightly, so it didn't detract from the design too much.

I ended up with very little waste, as I used all the remnants to make the handles and flange edges. Not sure what this was to start with, but it feels like it could have been for a sheet or quilt cover? It's too light to have been curtains... Either way, it makes a good couple of cushions and bags! :)