14 November 2015


Just the one prize from the 8 entered into this years Canning Show, but the main issue that I could see was no section for recycled items! (That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.....)

None of my nutcrackers won prizes, but Dotty got a second.

I put some in Christmas (the winner is the red elf on the edge of the table)

and some in Any Other Article (the winner was the Steampunk Jewellery)

and more in Any Other Article, but there were not enough entries to judge

Mum managed a First for her cushion -

- but didn't get anything for her dessert plate... They look good enough to eat!!

All of my entries, all together. 

You are allowed to enter items again if they don't win prizes, so I'm already up by 7 for next year, (if I don't give them away for Christmas....)

Here are some of the other entries that caught my eye.... This one is actually a junior entry...