17 May 2016

Gum ball machine

Saw some gum ball machines on my FB newsfeed that used a glass container and a flower pot to make a gum ball machine. Sounds cool, right??

I found a tealight holder for $1.50 at the Reject Shop, which looked like a cute size and used a jar lid for the top and a small pot for the base. Since this is a plastic pot, it has ridges on the bottom, but to counteract this, it fits a plastic bottle lid perfectly!

So, it's all painted up and ready to go ;)

Not sure about the pom-poms, I may change them for coloured confetti or similar, and add something around the lid? Not sure yet....

UPDATE 24/6/16
So, I decided to take out the pom-poms, and changed it to craft foam. I happened to have some adhesive colours, so with a hole punch and a pin, I filled the inside with tiny circles of coloured goodness! Plus, I found a wing nut, and added this to the front, as a turn key. 

Big improvement I think ;)