05 August 2018

Upcycled wall hanging

A couple of years ago I made a wall hanging. It was Dutch themed, with the centrepiece being a girl carrying some water in two buckets. This was a free foundation pieced design that I stretched out (hence the reason she has a really fat neck!). I added some embroidery to her apron, as well as adding the chains. All the panels have some kind of embroidery, so I didn't want it to be wasted in the bottom of a box, since I don't do handwork very often....

I was never really happy with it. I mean, I liked it, and put a lot of work into it, but it was just a wall hanging....

It wasn't without its issues, either - I ran out of the original blue fabric that I had started with, so two of the smaller squares are a slightly different shade, and my binding was a little tight, so it didn’t sit flat. Original post here - Dutch wall Hanging

So, after playing with it for a bit, I found a layout that just might give it new life - as a pair of cushions!

Now, this is working for me!

But, how do I make it work, and where do I make my first cuts?? I need to think about this carefully, as I only get one shot....

As it turned out, I had some leftover binding fabric and some of the red fabric still in my stash, so I could make a new border piece and make more binding.

My original plan was to cut off the binding, but if I unpicked it, there would be so much more length to play with, and I am so glad I did!!

So, I did some math, and worked out if I cut close to the big centre piece (minus a seam allowance), all I would need was two new strips of red to fill in the missing space. Here goes nothing!!

I still need a seam between the two smaller squares, so why not stitch some binding fabric in at the same time? Yup, I like it.....                   

Now, to balance it up, lets try adding a vertical strip. Yep, I like this, too!!

So far, so good!

Now, for the other cushion front, I needed a new strip of red to fill out the space. I also added some batting, to make it the same thickness:

Good, but its still missing something... I have enough of the binding to put some on the front, so I am gonna go for it!!

Yup, I'm liking where this is going!!

Now, all I need to do is stitch down the binding on the fronts, and think about the backs....

I found a long strip of blue fabric in my stash, so just needed to buy a couple of zippers and put the pieces together. No pics of this process - I was on too much of a roll to stop!

Once the backing pieces were ready and trimmed to size, the backs and fronts were tacked together and the binding stitched to the front. The binding is hand stitched at the back.

And so, this is the final result! I am very happy with how it turned out :)

Finished size 53cm x 53cm