07 August 2011

Chinese New Year Dragons 2009

My Store Manager approached me to make a couple of Chinese New Year Dragons to "leap" across the Asian Food Aisle. I accepted the challenge....

Step 1 - How am I going to put this up??
Solution - recycle the Christmas display material. Tried to paint over it but was not successful, so decided that we would buy red wrapping paper and use that.

Step 2 - Find a Design I found this colour-in drawing at an online educational ideas site and thought it would be perfect. Simplified the design, and focussed on the head. Planned on using foam pieces to 3D the parts, like paper tole, to give it some depth.

Step 3 - Test the body size and shape
Decided to put scales on using separate pieces of sparkly paper shapes. This gave it great texture in the light.

Step 4 - Create the head and legs
I was fortunate to find a pattern for some dragon legs while I was hunting for designs, so did some tests for sizing on the floor. Drew the tail sections freehand.

Its starting to look OK to me! Full steam ahead!!

Step 5 - The Head
I split the head pieces into colours and using heavy card, cut out each piece. Decided that the head needed 2 layers, pushing the nose and mouth piece further forward to create depth. I would add some more depthe at the join of the head. I used double sided tape to stick the foam pieces in between, as I thought this would be more successful than glue.

Step 6 - Test fit
Once I had all the elements done, I put it on the floor to see how it looked from a distance, adjusting the spines and position of the legs until I was happy with the layout.       

Step 7 - Putting it all together
I had to make this at the store as it would have been too large and cumbersome to transport whole, so two of us laid it out in the staff room and got sticking!!

This is the final results. I think they were just fabulous!! They stayed hanging there for over a year until a lady said her daughter was scared of them and they had to come down. Unfortunately they ended up in the loft and the new manager threw them out without me knowing or I would have saved them!!

And here is a picture of me with my creations.... Enjoy!!