31 August 2011

A swag of bags...

Since my big clean up a couple of weeks ago, I have not been able to find ANYTHING!! So, I have just been opening boxes of stuff and trying to finish the unfinished, before starting something new. We'll see how long it will last...... LOL!!

These bags started as a pre-printed cot bumper but ended up being the cutest little baby "essentials" gift bags for new mums. They have different prints on both sides. It is a light cotton, so I lined them with a light blockout curtaining. Not only does this give the bag support, it makes it almost waterproof inside. I also added a strip to the inside of the handles for the same reason. As they started off curved, I have topstitched the curve onto the striped fabric, squared up and treated as one piece. I was limited to the amount of stripe  so I had to use it sparingly. Finished size is about 40cm x 30cm.

This bag was a panel from a curtain that someone carefully cut out. I decided to use these as a library bag. It is fully lined in yellow cotton and the panels have a light batting to give support. I think it turned out great and soooooo easy!!!!

These are a couple of older library bags and pencil case sets I made for Santa's Workshop. They started out as blockout curtains. These didn't need to be lined as the fabric had enough support on its own and the seams got overlocked instead. They were filled with stuff for back to school.

So easy and so much fun! If you can draw a square and sew a straight line, you can make one of these bags!!