19 August 2011

Odd request...

(I apologise in advance to anyone who may be offended by this post. It is intended as a tribute to a wonderful person and is in no way meant in disrespect to anyone who has passed on....)

Since the cruise was already booked, the passport updated and clothes ready for the trip, it seemed only fitting that she should still go, albeit in the hand luggage. And who wouldn't want their mum to be looking her best when basking in the sun or lazing by the pool?? And there is always a need for glamour at the Ball or dinner with the Captain. For this reason, we couldn't help ourselves, planning outfits for any occasion that may arise....

Casual Summer Dress
For the Casino

Ball Gown



There are several accessories to go with these outfits, such as glasses, hats and tiara. She will definitely be the best dressed urn on the ship!!