12 September 2011

Next big distraction.....

Aprons!!! Kids sized aprons, oven mitts and pot holders. So CUTE!!!!

I found this wonderful remnant of striped cotton with Scotchguard already applied for only $1! A whole 1.5m gave me 3 complete sets of aprons, mitts and potholders (including one just for the Canning Show!!). measurements based on a purchased apron, the mitt was found online (and modified slightly) and the potholder is just a square. They will be great put with some kids cookie cutters or utensils. Canning Show entry has an apron, mitt, potholder and joined pocket mitt (the kind you put both hands into). Pics once the show is over!!

I did these ones first, so a little experimentation going on here! Apron - perfect. Mitts - a little small for my liking and a little difficult to sew - adjustments made. Potholders double as hot mitts with little pockets in them - a bit complex and time consuming, but successful. Its a bit hard to see, but the one on the right actually has a poccket at the top where it says "Tiger". I matched it so well you can't even see it!!

I delivered these to mum today to take to Santa's. I'm sure they will be pleased. I have taken a bunch of pics so will try and do a bit of a tutorial sometime in the future so stay tuned!!!