22 April 2012

Bags of fun!!

Since I made the mini bag yesterday, I have had a couple of ideas that I wanted to play with today.

1. Remove the integrated handle because it's a bit thick.
2. Explore replacement handles out of chain or thinner vinyl strips.
3. Eyelets for "straps" attachment to bag.
4. Side wall changes
5. Try a variation in fabrics.

So, I removed the handle. Tick.
I modified the side wall, integrating a curved to piece to put in an eyelet to connect a chain or strap from. Tick.
I found some blue vinyl and some firm fur fabric (say that three times fast!!) and tried the same pattern in reverse, so one was fur inside, one outside. Worked! Tick!

Looking at how they turned out, the fur inside version could easily be a jewellery or coin purse as well as a doll bag accessory! Multi purpose! LOL!

Pics are pretty ordinary, but you get the idea! Still need a visit to the hardware to check out some chain, but couldn't wait!

It's hard to tell but the size is still the same 8cm wide, 5cm high and 2cm deep.....

Reversed vinyl, fur fabric