28 April 2012

Mr Bean's bear..

My work is turning 21, and the request was made on Tuesday for a Mr Bean style bear to be presented to my boss on Friday!! Yikes!!! That doesn't leave much time, especially since Wednesday was a holiday (ANZAC Day)! How could I source this very specific item in 2 days????

Solution?? Make one!!

Problem 1? I can't knit. Problem 2?Time. I really only had the public holiday to complete it. Problem 3?Pattern. Searched the web for a fabric version but had zero success.

Brainwave!! Use felt! I knew that the markets would be open on the public holiday and the fabulous craft shop had felt squares cheap. Just need a pattern....

I thought I could just make a flat bear shape and put the eyes on and be done, but I remembered I had a pattern for a mini felt bear... somewhere.. Searched high and low, and finally found it. Copied it, enlarged it... it's going to work!! I hope...

I'm not a big fan of hand sewing, but I knew it wouldn't work properly if I used the machine, so as soon as I got home from the markets, I got comfy on the couch and got to work. And here is how he turned out!!

(PS. He was a big hit!!)