12 May 2013


I had some leftover strips of the cute marine print I used on the Wonky Crosses quilt, and realised that it was a repeat pattern and I've wanted to try the triangle hexagons for ages so I thought why not?? It was a scrap piece anyway, so nothing to lose!

These were the first results! I was originally going to put them together but each hex needed to standout on its own, so after some thought, I decided to include a border between the blocks. My head just about exploded trying to figure out the math!! I had seen them done with a seam on the horizontal (which is why the are still in halves!) but it was just not making sense!! Decided instead to tackle Y seams. These turned out to be easier than I thought!

With accurate measurements, they are easy as pie! Just remember to stop on the seam allowance, or you can get into trouble. Not that I'm saying I made zero mistakes! There are a couple of wrinkles that need to be steamed out, but considering how many I had to do, there aren't that many overall....

So this is where it stands right now. As for the gaps.... who knows?? 

Maybe filling with just white and the green contrast border? I will need to live with it for a bit before I make a final decision...

Happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there, especially my own crafty mum!!!!! Can't wait to show her the final product. She taught me everything I know, and I value her opinion on everything! Luv ya, mum!!