01 January 2014

A change of face...

So, I was not happy with the last Angels head. It was a bit bland, so I made a new one!!

Slight change to the eyes, also, and I have not yet decided if she will have rosy cheeks or not. If so, what colour to use? I don't think pink would be appropriate...

Much happier with this, and I love her funky red hair!!

I also redid the sleeve on the first Angel for several reasons. First, they were too flimsy. I only used one layer of card - 2 layer work so much better! Secondly, I used the knit fabric from the head, which was not working right, either. No matter! I just undid them and made new ones! :)

It still needs "something" but it's heaps better... I wonder if sequins will work?? Now which box did I put them in....... Or maybe I can overlay the lace?? Experiments are needed... ;)