23 February 2014

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto...

Dorothy us coming along quite well! My favourite part so far are her legs and ruby slippers. 

I painted all her limbs with gesso, then marked out the coloured areas and off I went! Then, with coloured pencils, added some detail to the sleeve, underthings and socks, plus added the same glitter glue from my witch over her red shoes. Too cute! It worked far better than I was expecting! I then gave the whole thing a coat of sealer, which was actually PVA glue ;). After a test run on some scrap, it worked out great. Gave it a glossy finish, and should protect it (for a while, at least..)

I tested her head with the nose the same as the Tin Man, but it just looked wrong, so I took it out. Much better!

On the down side, I did have issues making the dress meet up at the back! Had to "patch" it over with some bias binding, but apart from that, the Cowardly Lion is next on my list!!