07 June 2014

Almost done!!

Both fronts are now quilted and ready for backs! Yay!!

Side by side, one is visibly larger, for two reasons. Firstly, when I marked the vilene for number one, my accuracy wasn't that great and so the gaps were slightly bigger. Add to that a slightly larger seam allowance on number two, and you get a difference of about 2cm overall. It's not a big deal, 'cause once they are plumped up with cushions inside, you won't even notice... ;)

It's amazing how two items made from the same fabric can look so different!! The first one (right) looks fuller, but a little lopsided. The second (left) is finer and not so solid. I think they are both successful, though. I will definitely be trying these again!

I have given them a simple quilt in-the-ditch around the squares, although I haven't added a backing -  since I knew these will be cushions, I didn't see the point. Just need a couple of zips and they will be done! Good thing the shops are open Sundays! :)