03 June 2014

Am I crazy??

I think I must be..... After starting the first colourwash cushion, I thought they would look better as a pair - so I'm doing another one!! ;)

In the middle of the night, I thought I would try a "X", but after many tries, it just didn't look right, so another heart it is! 

A couple of changes, though. The vilene that I used first time was far too heavy, although it was white. This time it's black and much, much lighter - not by choice, but it's what I had on hand. Time for a fabric shopping trip! YAY!!

Here's where I'm at after a whole weekend playing around with it. Trying not to overthink it is hard! I love puzzles, but this has no "solution", so it's hard to know when to stop. But I think I'm ready to stop now. My head hurts....