01 June 2014


I have wanted to do a colourwash quilt for ages, but never really found the right fabric. While cleaning up my sewing room, I found a piece of floral that looked like it had enough open space as well as dense flowers, so I took the plunge!! :)

I used 5cm squares cut randomly from strips of the floral, and so the fun began. Firstly, I put the squares into piles of similar type - low, medium and high, plus halves both diagonal and straight - to make it easier to start. I found the best shape for the top and bottom peak of the heart shape, and just went from there! I used the halves to shape the curves, the corners to fill the gaps. When I thought it looked ok, I took a photo. This gave a better idea of how it was going and allowed for adjustments to be made, rearranged again and again, until I was happy.

I then put it on some iron-on vilene, pressed it and stitched down the seams. And this is how it turned out :

Not sure what to do with it - maybe a doll quilt or table runner, or a bag? Current size - 36cm square