11 April 2015

Dottie and Dimple... done!!

I decided to finish Dimple with the colours I had already picked - but with two ears - and realised it wasn't the fabric that I didn't like, it was his face! It was far too simple compared with Dottie, with just a pair of French knots for eyes and that's pretty much it. 

So, I drew a new face, similar in style to Dotties, with black dot eyes and painted nose. I kept the dimple, as this is why she (he??) is called Dimple. Duh!! He's got a little wonky eye, but still cute. This is him before I stitched him to Dotties arm...

So, with Dimple now attached, here she is!

She is from the magazine below. They don't seem to have dates or editions, but I have a couple of different versions. I quite like the covergirl, too, but she is HUGE! I don't enjoy making big dolls - Dottie is only about 35cm tall...

Now, on to the next thing! Maybe a quilt is in order, for a change of pace, or a cushion? Time to get some books off the shelf, methinks...... ;)