15 April 2015


KI have wanted to try the "no Y-seam" hexagons from Moda Bake Shop for ages, but I didn't want to make them so BIG. I made a template, and trimmed up some batiks and some navy, and got to experimenting!

This is the top finished, but with all the bias seams, it isn't so flat when I ironed it. Decided to use my puffy-est wadding, and just put a few stitches in the middle of each hexie, along the lines of a tied quilt. I use a feather type stitch with the feed dogs down so I get a cross effect. I was going to leave the tails, but decided against it as it got lost in the patterns.

This is before I put the ties in...

 Found a zip, and all is done! It measures about 45cmx50cm.